4 Ways Spring AC Maintenance Saves You Money in Berthoud, CO

Most homeowners in Berthoud, CO, look for ways to cut down expenditure and save some cash, with some even going to the extent of skipping maintenance in an attempt to save. Though it might seem like you’re saving money in the beginning, in the long run, this can damage your system and result in extra costs. Read on for four ways that spring AC maintenance can save you money instead!

1. Fewer Malfunctions

When left unattended, AC problems become more extensive, demanding more expensive repairs and, in some cases, replacements. During spring maintenance, our technicians will repair any existing issues in your system as well as problems that haven’t manifested yet. By so during, you can avert your system breaking down during the summer when you need it the most.

2. Reduced Energy Bills

When your system has an issue, it has to work harder to make up for the problem. This doesn’t just mean it’ll take longer to get your home to the temperatures you want, though — it also means that your HVAC will use more energy to do so.

3. Longer System Lifespan

Your HVAC working harder has more impact than just raising your energy bills. Just as humans can get burnt out from overwork, long periods of working harder than normal will speed up the process of wear and tear. Keeping your HVAC system in good condition throughout the year will reduce how hard it has to work, which will increase its lifespan.

4. Improved Indoor Air Quality

Your HVAC doesn’t just make your air cooler, it filters out particulates and allergens and helps control the humidity of your home. When you make sure your unit is in proper working condition, you make sure it does all of its duties effectively, which will have a positive impact on the quality of the air in your home.

Even if you think your HVAC is in good condition, it’s never a bad idea to have a professional take a look, especially since spring has arrived. Contact us at Leatherneck Heating and Cooling and schedule AC maintenance this spring.

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