Causes and Solutions of Uneven Cooling in Windsor, CO

When you run your central air conditioner in Windsor, CO, you expect every room to be the same temperature. Of course, some rooms may take longer to cool because of the position of the sun, but otherwise, uneven cooling reflects something wrong with the AC itself. Here are some common causes of uneven cooling and what you can do to address them.

Clogged or Leaking Ductwork

Perhaps the AC runs just fine, but the ductwork has developed cracks and holes through which your cool air seeps out. If a room is warmer than the others, then the duct leading to it may have this problem. Other times, dirt, and debris in one duct can prevent the room it leads to from getting cool.

The solution is simple: Have a professional clean the ducts every three to five years, and make sure the ducts are properly sealed. A technician could also repair the cracks and holes and tell you if you need more insulation around the ducts.

A Dirty Filter or Blocked Vents

Make sure you replace your air filter every 90 days. A dirty filter will restrict airflow, and the rooms that are farthest from the air handler will receive less cool air. In addition, see if you’ve blocked any supply vents with furniture, rugs, or other obstructions, as this will also cause uneven cooling.

An Undersized AC System

You’ll need to schedule a new AC installation if your current system is too small for your home; there’s no other solution. Undersized ACs don’t have the power to cool the entire home, so you inevitably get uneven results.

Leatherneck Heating and Cooling can provide yearly maintenance in the effort to prevent uneven cooling and other AC issues, so if you live in Windsor, call us today for a consultation. We boast flat-rate pricing and back all our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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