Does Your Heat Pump Have a Bad Compressor in Longmont, CO?

When your heat pump’s compressor fails, the system can no longer heat your home efficiently, but there are obvious indicators of a problem. Let’s explore how you can know that your heat pump has a bad compressor in Longmont, CO.

Your Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

A circuit breaker is an essential device that safeguards your property as it shuts everything down if it detects a significant surge in electricity. If your heat pump is experiencing problems and drawing too much power, the circuit breaker may trip to protect your home, and trying to reset it won’t solve the issue as it will just repeat. Call an expert to correct the situation.

Your Home Remains Cold

Your heat pump acquires heat from outside during the colder months, and the refrigerant transports this heat into your home. The compressor facilitates the heat transfer process by compressing the refrigerant, raising its pressure and temperature. When the compressor develops problems, it affects the heat transfer process, and your home won’t get to a comfortable temperature.

You’re Hearing Odd Noises From the Heat Pump

Ideally, a heat pump should start smoothly. If you’re hearing odd, persistent noises coming from the compressor, it’s a sign of a potentially serious problem. Contact an HVAC technician, describe the sounds, and schedule an appointment.

You Have High Energy Bills

Many homeowners have a goal to reduce their energy bills. If there’s a refrigerant leak, the compressor makes an extra effort to combat the issue, which means your energy bills may increase.

Refrigerant leaks cause your system to run longer to meet your temperature demands, resulting in the system using more energy. Scheduling regular maintenance can bring this issue to light so technicians can handle it properly and, in the process, help decrease your energy bills.

Contact Leatherneck Heating and Cooling, LLC for quality heating services if you suspect your compressor is failing. We’re a veteran- and locally owned company with highly-skilled NATE-certified technicians.

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