How the iWave-R Air Purifier Works to Improve Your IAQ in Berthoud, CO

Quality indoor air has many benefits, one of which is to keep your body healthy. There are multiple indoor air quality solutions to improve your air, and the iWave-R purifier is among those that stand out. We will help you understand how the purifier cleans your indoor air in Berthoud, CO.

How the iWave-R Purifier Works

The iWave-R cleaner has a unique way of destroying contaminants. The device emits positive and negative ions in your indoor air using a unique technology called needle-point bipolar ionization technology.

These ions neutralize pollutants and break them down into oxygen, water vapor, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. These compounds won’t cause any harm to you or your home’s occupants.

The purifier effectively eliminates harmful viruses and bacteria in your indoor air. It deactivates the hydrogen molecules of these disease-causing organisms, essentially killing them.

Also, the ions that the iWave-R purifier produces cause dust particles to clump together, making it easy for your HVAC air filter to trap them. As a result, the device protects your family from allergens and contaminants linked to poor indoor air quality.

The Device Is Affordable

Once our technicians install the iWave-R purifier into your HVAC system, they won’t need to replace any parts. This means you don’t need to buy replacement parts.

Usually, the purifier uses special brushes to clean itself; therefore, there will be no need to open up your HVAC system once you install it. You can set the brushes to activate every day or even after 10 days, depending on your preference.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

The device doesn’t produce substances that harm the environment during its operation. It only breaks down the pollutants into harmless residues.

Contact Leatherneck Heating and Cooling, LLC for exceptional indoor air quality and air conditioning solutions in Berthoud, CO. We specialize in providing quality services to keep you safe and comfortable.

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