Why Is Your Furnace Short Cycling in Fort Collins, CO?

Short cycling refers to when your furnace shuts down prematurely before finishing an entire heating cycle. This issue interferes with your indoor comfort while increasing energy costs. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most common causes behind furnace short cycling in Fort Collins, CO.

Thermostat Problems

Outdated thermostats can cause short cycling if they’re not able to correctly read the temperature. If this is the case, it’s not going to be able to give your furnace proper on-and-off instructions. Make sure your thermostat is in an ideal spot in the home, such as nowhere near any heat registers.

Clogged Air Filters

If you notice your heating system is kicking on more frequently than it’s supposed to, check that your air filters aren’t clogged. A full filter impedes the flow of air into the system, making it work harder than necessary. Without enough airflow, the furnace overheats and shuts itself down but kicks back up again once it’s cooled down, causing more harm to the internal wires and heat exchanger.

Incorrectly Sized

If you find your HVAC system is short cycling, it’s possible it’s not the right size, and you may need a replacement to ensure you have a furnace that works as it should. Larger HVAC systems produce more heat, which makes it easier for them to heat a home too quickly. An experienced professional can advise you on the correct size and set up an appointment for heating installation.

Leaky Windows

If warm air is escaping from the uninsulated windows, your furnace will cycle more often to compensate. Consider having weatherstripping added to your windows or caulking up any noticeable air leaks to see if it makes a difference.

There are many reasons your furnace may be short cycling, but we can help. Contact Leatherneck Heating and Cooling for reliable furnace repair services in Fort Collins, CO.

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