Ductless AC Repair & Mini-Split Installation Services for Loveland, Fort Collins, Berthoud, Windsor, Estes Park, CO & Surrounding Areas

Whether you're building a new HVAC system, supplementing your existing one, or treating specific rooms, ductless AC and heating may be the perfect option. At Leatherneck Heating and Cooling, we offer a full line of high-quality ductless HVAC services and solutions in Loveland, Fort Collins, Berthoud, Windsor, Estes Park, Longmont, CO, and the surrounding areas.

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How Ductless AC and Heating Work

One of the things that makes ductless air conditioning systems so unique is that they're essentially decentralized. In traditional systems, a central AC unit produces cold air and distributes it throughout your home using ductwork and a blower motor. With ductless AC systems, however, each unit conditions the room in which it's placed.

Ductless systems, also known as mini-splits or multi-splits, are divided into three main components. Indoor units, which can be mounted nearly anywhere, absorb heat and moisture, and blow cold air back into your living space. An outdoor condenser unit, much like a traditional air conditioner, uses refrigerant to dissipate heat energy. Between them, a small conduit carries power cables, refrigerant tubing, and a drain for condensation.

The Benefits of a Mini-Split Installation

As the name suggests, the primary benefit of ductless AC systems is that they don't require bulky ductwork. That makes them much easier to install, particularly in places that lack existing air ducts. Their exceptionally versatile design makes them a great fit for home additions, finished basements, and other unconditioned spaces. They're also perfect for homes with multiple levels or complex layouts that can otherwise inhibit airflow.

In traditional systems, leaky air ducts account for a significant amount of lost energy. They also harbor dust and other particulates, which can negatively affect your indoor air quality. It's no surprise, then, that ductless HVAC systems tend to be more energy-efficient and better for air quality. Additionally, most ductless units are heat pumps, which means they can provide heating as well as cooling.

Comprehensive Ductless AC Solutions

At Leatherneck Heating and Cooling, we love helping our customers discover the possibilities of ductless climate control. Our talented service technicians can work closely with you to design and install the ideal ductless HVAC system for your home. We can even set up HVAC zoning, which provides independent controls for different areas of your home. When something goes wrong, our technicians also have the training and expertise to service all types of equipment. We offer a full range of ductless HVAC services, including:

  • Complete multi-split and mini-split installations
  • Reliable and responsive ductless AC repairs
  • Preventive maintenance and tune-up services

For quick and efficient climate control where you need it most, it's hard to beat a quality ductless AC system. Whatever your heating and cooling needs, Leatherneck Heating and Cooling have the products, services, and expertise to deliver lasting solutions.

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